POLYFORM protective agent 100 ml

POLYFORM protective agent (100 ml)

Provides: – long-term protection of metal parts from corrosion; – aesthetics of the protective coating; – no need for re-entry. Preservative the Protective means POLYFORM Provide: – the protracted corrosion protection of metallic details; it is aesthetically beautifulness of sheeting; it is absence of necessity of расконсервации. Except it the offered means POLYFORM can appear irreplaceable at cleaning of weapon from resinous substances (arboreal resins, bitumen, permanent marker, some paints).

Means POLYFORM as anticorrosion defence of weapon. It is known that even very good weapon, at a hit in a moist atmosphere begins to corrode. Investigation of it is red, (ferrous details), white (aluminium details) or blue is a green (copper details) raid. Application to warn corrosive destruction of weapon or other metallic accoutrement/pl their surface is on possibility cleaned from dirt or blight. If a blight and dirt are still present on the surface of metal it is recommended to inflict Means POLYFORM for a time from 5-20 minutes to 10 hours (For this time means will penetrate and will make light the structure of pollutant). Whereupon contamination is worn through a rag moistened in means POLYFORM. Bits and pieces of contamination retire a clean matter. For the achievement of maximal protective efficiency means POLYFORM is inflicted by dispersion, brush, dipping so that tape of maximal thickness (to the flowing down drops) appeared.

After a while (ordinary a 5-7 twenty-four hours) liquid tape dries out and made more compact, forming the noncompressed nanostructured layer that less than is felt by touch and more than bars to the abrasion, what liquid greasing. Because for forming of maximally stable protective layer required a from 2 to 7 twenty-four hours, a weapon and ferrous parts of accoutrement/pl are recommended processes in good time to beginning of hike. In too time, if this condition was not observed the inflicted means POLYFORM effectively protects metal from the moment of causing. Эсли a weapon was in the conditions of enhanceable humidity (in water, in the rain etc.). It is necessary to give to flow to superfluous moisture, maximally to wipe a dry matter, metallic surfaces maximally full to process means POLYFORM (Not to dry heater devices and not to bring in a warm place!!!).

Arms storage

It is necessary to completely clean the trunks, remove cleaning agents and grease all metal parts with Polyform as described above. In this case, the trunks are lubricated from the outside with a soft brush (which does not scratch the barrel and does not absorb corrosion inhibitors from the product), and from the inside (a soft metal brush is impregnated with the product and is run through the barrel a couple of times, after which the product is allowed to drain). For minimal damage to the protective layer, weapons preserved by Polyform should be wrapped in cloth or put in boxes no earlier than 2-3 days after the application of the product.

!!! POLYFORM means much less dry and destroy wood products than mineral oils. !!!!

POLYFORM as a loyal cleaning agent.

Effective surfactants in a composition with super-adhering components give Polyform a high cleaning potential. At the same time, the resorptive components prevent the useful polymer coatings from which pollution is usually removed. Thanks to these properties, Polyform is used to remove bitumen, resins of plant origin, a permanent marker from metal products, varnished and leather surfaces.


A small amount of Polyform agent is applied to the contamination and after 5-10 minutes a cloth moistened with a Polyform agent is wiped, the procedure is repeated if necessary. Next, the tool is removed with a soft cloth or microfiber until the stains disappear.

So, POLYFORM tool is successfully used:

– As a metal preservative,

– For anti-corrosion treatment of a car,

– As a loyal means of removing tarry substances (permanent marker, bitumen, some paints) from varnished surfaces.