Means for removing copper Polyform Anticooper

Mobile liquid of green color with the smell of ammonia, quickly dissolves copper, brass, bronze, tompak, while not corroding iron (unlike ammonia). Used to remove traces of copper bullets and fractions from the walls of the barrel while neutralizing acid gases. It also effectively removes copper oxides from electrical terminals.


To clean the barrels of firearms, Polyform Anti-Copper can be used to wipe the barrel with a patch dampened in the tool or the pouring method.

A) The method of removing copper from the barrel by wiping with a patch dipped in a tool. To clear a trunk of a deposit and oil. Moisten a patch in the agent and drive it through the trunk. After 30-50 minutes drive away a clean patch. Blue stains on it testify to dissolved copper. To remove copper, you must repeat the procedure until there are no blue streaks on a clean patch.

B) The method of removing copper from the barrel by pouring funds into the barrel. This method is used for severe contamination of the trunks with copper, brass or tompak. To implement it, clear the barrel of carbon and oil. Close the barrel at one end with a rubber or polymer stopper and carefully pour the product or its solution in water through the funnel (1 volume of the product and 3-5 volumes of water). To sustain about 8-10 hours, but no more than 2 days. Drain the product. In this case, the blue color of the agent indicates dissolved copper. Make sure that the removal of copper is complete, for which the trunk is wiped dry and a patch dampened in a fresh agent is run through it. Blueing the patch indicates incomplete removal of copper, in this case, you must repeat the cleaning. A weak green or blue color indicates a satisfactory cleaning quality. After removing the copper, patches are driven through the barrel: dry, moistened with anti-corrosion grease (Gun oil or a protective agent Polyform) then you need to wait from 20 minutes to several hours (during this time the grease will penetrate into possible microcracks, providing an anti-corrosion protective effect. After excess grease is removed with a dry patch. If the gun goes to preservation, the barrel is re-processed with preservatives.