Thermal interface Blacktherm

Thermal interface Blacktherm

In many technical and computerized solutions, an important component is the interface (otherwise called thermal compound, thermal paste). When developing Blacktherm thermal paste, we proceeded from the trends of technical progress, namely:


  • Reduction of the technical process in the manufacture of computing and graphics processors, an increase in the operating temperature of which leads to greater degradation of the crystal.
  • The introduction of LED technology and electronics, whose radiators, with a tendency to decrease in size, should more efficiently remove heat.
  • Electrification of vehicles, electronic components on which can overheat causing damage or discomfort from high-frequency sound.
  • Using thermostable farms for cryptocurrency mining and blockchain technology support.

To meet the needs, the thermal paste must have the highest reduced thermal conductivity significantly higher than existing products, inertness with respect to metals with which it comes into contact, it is easy to disconnect the elements with which it comes into contact.

The Blacktherm thermal interface has the following consumer characteristics:

  • Thermal conductivity approaches that of liquid metals 15.2-15.8 W/mK, that is, according to the profile indicator, Blacktherm thermal paste is one of the most effective in the existing world market;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Elements that have been in contact with thermal grease are easily separated even if it dries;
  • Easily removed from the surface even after a long time, for which a slightly damp tampon, napkin or other material is enough;
  • Specific electrical resistance 1-1.5 MOm mm2 / mm;
  • Does not penetrate and does not destroy aluminum and other metals, unlike thermal interfaces based on liquid metals.