Polyform gun oil 100ml

Universal gun oil

It is used for lubricating mechanisms in cases where an uncompromising anti-corrosion and anti-jamming effect is required. Loosens rust, dirt, carbon deposits, powder residue and copper oxides. It is an effective tool for the conservation of rifled and smooth-bore weapons. Protects against corrosion weapons that have structural elements made of copper and other non-ferrous metals, as well as containing the remains of bullets.

It is highly recommended for the lubrication of weapons made from corrosion-resistant alloys, as well as weapons that have corrosion damage – shells, bald spots, pitting. It is indispensable when lubricating military weapons that are in difficult combat and field conditions (Kalashnikov assault rifles, Mosin rifles, SVD, pistols, knives, etc.). The composition of the oil includes Group 5 synthetic base oil, synergetics of synthetic corrosion inhibitors-detergents, metal wetters, which brings this oil to a higher level than foreign analogues in terms of performance – corrosion protection, consumption, lubrication, (cleaning at the same level).

In addition to the standard one, we also produce a military modification of Polyform weapon oil, which has a wide range of lubrication temperatures (-45 + 55 ° C), while the standard Polyform gun oil has a pour point (-19 ° C) and a lubrication temperature range (-19 +50 ° C).

Differences from Neutral Polyform Oil

Polyform gun oil has all the positive properties of a neutral oil, characterized by higher protective, anticorrosive, dispersing and anti-jamming effects. It also has high adhesion to metal and good spreadability on a metal surface. Each bottle of Polyform weapon oil contains instructions for using the oil when cleaning and putting the weapon for conservation. Including gun oil Polyform  used as:

* Lubrication of weapon mechanisms;

* Lubrication of the trunks after firing and during cleaning (as well as a lubricating and protective agent after treatment with cleaning compounds);

* Lightweight cleaning agent that does not damage the metal (disperses soot, residues of gunpowder, resin, removes marker traces, copper oxides);

* Means of neutralizing the corrosive effects of acid gases and salts;

* Preservation grease during storage up to 3 years;

* As an anti-corrosion lubricant for small mechanisms, watches, unloaded bearings and spindles, etc.


Mobile amber-colored oily liquid. May contain a soft precipitate (nanodispersion of special additives) which is recommended to be shaken in the oil volume when using it.