anticorrosive detergent

Anticorrosion detergent

Polyform Clean

Designed for washing and degreasing metal as well as primed metal surfaces. Polyform “Clean” is successfully used by automotive and repair enterprises for washing and degreasing carcasses of auto, motorcycle equipment before painting, as well as for cleaning metal products (such as turbines) from oils and tar deposits.

Polyform “Clean” is a water-soluble yellow liquid with a slight smell. Optimal working concentration of the product in water ranges from 1.0 to 5.0% (1.5-2.0% for body cleaning, and 4.0% for resin removal). Aqueous solutions of the product are odorless and have low foaming capacity. pH of the solution is 11.5 (at 1.5% concentration).
Polyform “Clean” is characterized by a high anticorrosive potential. 1.5% solution applied to steel, when dried does not lead to corrosion destruction. Therefore, when using Polyform “Clean”, it is not necessary to wash the surface with water or neutralizing liquids with subsequent wiping. Aqueous solutions Polyform “Clean” are odorless, harmless to health and replace a similar amount of organic solvents when degreasing the surface. Use of  Polyform “Clean” allows to reduce expenses for washing and degreasing of metal surfaces by at least 5 times.
Aqueous solution of Polyform “Clean”” (2-4%), unlike the solvent, does not dissolve the marker trace and the existing paintwork coating, and does not destroy the heat-insulating layer (eg, foam).

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